VR Art Battle Booth
VR Art Battle

At our VR Art Battle booth, Comic-Con attendees used Google’s Tilt Brush art studio game to draw, paint, and play in a 3D-environment. Participants could even compete to win a T-shirt! Below are some lessons we learned from this unique experience:

  • Art is in the eye of the controller-beholder
    • Let’s face it, many participants had never used VR before, and not everyone is an artist (ourselves included!). But that’s what made this event so much fun. Everyone could create with judgement or without, and have a ball (or a sphere).
  • T-shirts are great motivators
    • Without a goal, what’s the point? For some people, a FREE T-SHIRT really helped to put your best creative foot forward. Props to that!
  • Anyone can try their hand at XR art
    • Young or old, art through XR offers something accessible to almost anyone.

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