Why Book DeployVR Arena For Your Next Company Event?

VR Arenas Breathe Life into the Same-Old Work Retreats

By: Erik Hyrkas

We’ve all been there. You have to organize your next workplace event and dread sets in. 

“Oh great, it’s time to build morale again,” you say to yourself. “Do I really need to put our people through another day of  trust falls, workplace confessionals, ropes courses, lawsuit-worthy go kart and zip line experiences,and the same-old escape rooms?”

Fortunately, the answer to that question is “NO!” You can still switch it up and breathe new life into your company’s next event!

Here are five reasons why your company should organize a Virtual Reality (VR) arena for your next workplace event, retreat, or team-building seminar with DeployVR.

Try Something New + We’ll Come to You!

There’s plenty of activities you can choose for a work event, but many of them are played out. DeployXR’s VR and AR experiences offer a unique, modern take on team-building, communication improvement, and workplace collaboration all without leaving the comfort of your office.

Yes, that means we can come to you! Wherever your event is, whether it’s a conference room, convention center, or your actual office space, we can deliver the entertainment anywhere.

We specialize in VR escape room experiences which can be completed in 10-35 minutes with 4-6 players.

DeployVR Experiences Foster Creative Communication and Cooperation

Like any traditional escape room, when you’re thrown into a puzzle, communication and collaboration are key. Without it, you’re lost. However, with DeployVR’s experiences, the consequences are much more dire. Your virtual characters could perish!

With a DeployVR experience, teams must work together to escape dying space stations, booby-trapped Egyptian pyramids, diffuse bombs, or even slay fire-breathing dragons! DeployVR can bring your and your colleagues to places and situations one can only dream of, in a fully-immersive virtual experience. 

All of those elements make for a great team-bonding experience!

Get out of your Comfort Zone

Video games and new technology isn’t for everyone, but our VR/AR experiences are crowd-pleasers to even the most apprehensive people. It’s a great tool to push someone to engage in something out of their comfort zone, because the bar is low for interaction. Just strap on a headset and grab some controllers and you’re in a brand new environment, all without having to leave your current physical space!

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Our Experiences are Anything but Boring

Did we mention that DeployVR escape room experiences are INCREDIBLY FUN?! Many of our customers leave wanting even more. This was certainly the case at our recent Comic-Con 2019 event where demonstrated Dragon Tower VR (where players must team up to slay dragons atop a tower) to over 500 convention-goers.

You won’t find a more exciting way to impress and entertain your employees than a DeployVR experience! And with over ___ experiences to choose from, we can find the perfect one for your group.


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