VR Escape Room For Team Building! Your Team Will Never Be The Same!

Escape To Virtual Reality And Use Communication, Teamwork and collaboration to complete and escape!

The best team building exercises are teams working together to escape a room filled with obstacles within a set amount of time. The rooms can be very challenging; however, when each team works together, they can be completed. This type of team building exercise makes the team work together and encourages group participation. During this type of team building exercise, the team members will laugh with one another, learn to communicate better and use logic and critical thinking strategies. Afterward, these teams often work better together. In fact, after the team building activity, the business should allow their team members to analyze what they could have done to complete the activity faster. This activity allows team members to confer with one another, use their creativity and critical thinking skills to come up with better strategies. These strategies are then often used in the real world when needed.

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How does an escape room work?

In order to escape the room, a team must work together and:

  • LEADMost teams that do not escape the room do not have an adequate number of leaders. Leaders are needed to determine the best route to follow to be successful. In these escape rooms, it takes more than one leader as the room requires multiple tasks to be done simultaneously. However, if three are too many leaders in a team, the appropriate decisions cannot be made within the allotted time period.
  • COMMUNICATIONS SKILLSThe team must work together and communicate effectively. Because the team must do multiple tasks simultaneously, instructions cannot just be yelled out. The instructions must be effectively communicated to each team member so that everyone knows what they need to do to be successful.
  • CREATIVITYIn order to succeed at the task at hand, each member of the team must use creativity and ingenuity to solve the complex problems that the team faces while in the escape room.
  • LISTENING SKILLSBeing able to listen and follow directions is just as important as communication skills. If a team member finds the answer and no one is listening, it could end up preventing the team from succeeding at the task.
  • TEAMWORKWhen the team is in the escape room, they must use teambuilding skills to succeed. There are no puzzles that simply rely on one person to solve the puzzle. Instead, teams must work together to come up with a solution and solve the puzzle as there may be several problems that must be addressed and solved at once.
  • BELIEF IN THE GROUP’S SKILLSWhen time is running out or it seems as a clue cannot be solved, a team may give up. Positive thinking and never giving up can make your team successful. The groups that do escape often escape only seconds before time runs out. This is why it is imperative to work until the clock runs completely out. Adrenaline and belief in the team’s ability can mean the difference between escaping the room and not escaping the room.
  • MISTAKES HAPPEN. Be Willing to Admit When You Make a MistakeTeams that admit their mistakes and go forward will be better equipped to solve the escape room than those who stand around arguing who made the mistake. Instead of doing this, admit a mistake was made and move on to find additional clues to help escape the room.

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