Trade Show

Hospital of Horror

  Free-Roaming Walk around completely free. No teleporting. No wires. Loads of fun   Multiplayer Up to 4 people playing in the […]


Walk the Plank VR

Walk the plank VR is a virtual reality game that lets you experience the fear of walking on a narrow plank hundreds […]


Experience the sensation of surfing

Getting barreled is when a surfer is completely surrounded by a wave, often described as one of the most thrilling surf experiences. […]


DeployVR Arena Booking.

VR Arena Booking Made Easy Our basic VR arena setup includes 4 VR backpacks with HTC Vive headsets and 2 team members. […]


Corporate Events In Virtual Reality

Planning a Party? Want to WOW your guests and be the HERO? Rent our Virtual Reality arena and let us help you […]


Virtual Reality At The Next Exhibition or Trade Show

Captivate Trade Show Attendees with Virtual & Augmented Reality At trade shows, the competition can be fierce. Exhibitors are shoulder-to shoulder with […]